Sketchings/Drawings: All sketchings, drawings are done in-situ, on-the-spot, with the main details done on site. Only colourings, shadings, minor details are added later on due to limit on time. None are drawn from photos, other drawings or reproductions. Due to the limitations of time at any one location, sketchings by necessity have to concentrate on the main features only.

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Canyon Reflections Days 3 Canyon's End, National Canyon Right Corner Redwall Cavern Left Corner Redwall Cavern
North Canyon With Ripples Rafting On The Colorado Elves Chasm (1) The "Eye" View From Inside Redwall Cavern
The Granaries @ Nankoweap The "Pates" @ Matkatamiba Along Havasu Creek Cliff Along Havasu Creek

Cliff Reflections, Mable Cavern

Elves Chasm

End of Canyon

End of National Canyon

Hike To Matkatamiba

Matkatamiba Hike


North Canyon 

North Canyon (1)

Reflections @ North Canyon

The View From The Granaries @ Nankoweap


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