Sketchings/Drawings: All sketchings, drawings are done in-situ, on-the-spot, with the main details done on site. Only colourings, shadings, minor details are added later on due to limit on time. None are drawn from photos, other drawings or reproductions.Due to the limitations of time at any one location, sketchings by necessity have to concentrate on the main features only.


The Dock At Lake Louise Glenn Hwy Alaska Tidewater Glaciers Glacier Bay N.P. Foggy Morning Entering Glacier Bay N.P. Alaska Glaciers under Global Warming Juneau Icefields Heliflight Seeing
Ailik Glacier's Edge Waterfall Mendenhall Glacier & Lake Horsetail Falls Richardson Hwy Valdez Alaska Bridalveil Falls Richardson Hwy Valdez Alaska
noname.htm Denali From Quigley Ridge Kantrishna Denali N.P. Skagway Heliflight Seeing Glacier Stream Juneau Icefields Heliflight Seeing
Glacier Crevasse Juneau Icefields Rockface At Ailik Glacier Lily Ponds Wrangell St.Elias N.P.

Grand Pacific Glacier, Glacier Bay N.P. Alaska Margenie Glacier, Glacier N.P.Alaska

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