daphne major

daphne minor

darwin lake, tagus cove, isabela

frigate birds, north seymour

lava bubbles, santiago

lava twist, santiago

nazca boobies, daphne major & daphne minor

lava cones, santiago

lava folds, santiago

lava ropes, santiago

magnificient frigate birds,off daphne

sealions, rabida

driftwood p.moreno isabela

bubbles, lava sullivan bay

punta espinosa, fernandina

punta suarez, espanola

saline lagoon, punta moreno, isabela

p.espinosa fernandina

punta egas, santiago

smooth folds, santiago

splatter cone, santiago

sunset, p.villamill,isabela

wave surge, p.espinosa, fernandina

waves and daphne major on n.seymour

post office bay, floreana sand on lava, santiago sting rays, post office bay

sunrise, fernandina

whale skeleton, fernandina

black-necked stilt, genovesa

turtle tracks


p.moreno, isabela


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