Dr Soonkee Neoh is a scenic photographer, nature lover and entrepreneur. This website will cover his Twelve Journeys; travels to the 12 most scenic/photogenic places on earth according to his personal choice and preferences. So far (Jan 2006) he has covered 5 out of the 12 of his ideal photographic Journeys. Galapagos is the fifth, the rest of the completed journeys will be posted shortly.


The Twelve Journeys are chosen for their scenic beauty, photogenicity and meaningfulness as a journey. All are natural (God-made), none are man made. Some may be repeated but most will be once-in-a-lifetime journeys, for no other reason that there is so much else to see, photograph and draw, that repetition may be a waste. Due to this aspect and the limit on time (no journeys are longer than 21 days-30 days, due to commitments and demands of my work), photographs are taken at the specific moment when one is there. There is no time to wait, or come back another day or stay until the light is right. I wish I could, but the demands and time limits of my entrepreneurial career limits the time I can spend on each journey. In addition, the daily schedule on most trips (Himalayas, Galapagos, etc) do not permit staying until the weather changes. So, I take what God and the weather gives me on that particular day, at that particular moment. View the photos & sketchings in this context.


Personal Photographic Philosophy: I believe in using film for the present moment,; slides or negatives, and printed the traditional way on photographic paper. My photos are not altered in anyway digitally or electronically. In the rare instances where they are digitally altered, this is specifically indicated; and is usually done only for stitching together panoramas from multiple frames to get angles of views not possible in a single frame. Slides are scanned digitally & printed without any alterations or enhancements. I use only polarizing filters and neutral density filters.


Sketchings/Drawings: All sketchings, drawings are done in-situ, on-the-spot, with the main details done on site. Only colourings, shadings, minor details are added later on due to limit on time. None are drawn from photos, other drawings or reproductions. Due to the limitations of time at any one location, sketchings by necessity have to concentrate on the main features only.


All photographs and sketchings are copyrighted by Dr. Soonkee Neoh. No reproductions of any kind permitted in any media. Use of any content of this website without permission is strictly forbidden and will be vigorously pursued and litigated.